There is this story in the bible in which God shows up through a burning bush and says “I am, who I am”

For centuries, this has been a founding truth for all who believe in God (in one form or another). God is. That’s it. God just is.

But I’ve often felt a bit empty by this message. God is? Well that’s not very informative. I’ve often had an urge to ask: Who? Who are You? Are You a you? Are You even?

And I think it’s time to start asking these questions. Because God can’t be all, can he? Both Good and Evil? Both with us and against us? Both material and immaterial? Both made up and real? Or can he?

The as I study more, I realize I know less. I don’t know if both Jews, Christians and Muslims all praise the same, one true God? Are there only one God? Or are there many? Can we mortal, finite humans tell them apart? Or tell True from False? Good from Evil? Heaven from Hell?

Are there even such things as heaven or hell? Or are they man made concepts? Also, what defines sin from atonement? Are we the new creation? Or should we create the new creation? Has the new creation been or are we waiting for it?

Should we be grateful? Or hateful? Should we draw arms? Or make peace?

Do we even know what all this is? Or are we kidding ourselves?

Why can’t we answer these things? Why are there so many questions? Why don’t we know who you are?

Is this going forwards? Or is this taking steps backwards?

Is this heresy?


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