Being the best at being the best you can be

Apparently, B’s are my thing now…


Well, I recently switched gyms! Not exactly breaking news. Nevertheless, there’s a good reason behind this switch.


I’ve been doing crossfit for about 2 years now and I’ve lost almost 50 kg in that period. The reason I chose to do crossfit has to do with the attitude that many crossfitters exude. Crossfit isn’t about BEING THE BEST, but it’s about DOING YOUR BEST.

You don’t have to be the strongest or fastest, the biggest or the baddest.

All you have to do, is to it your all and be the best version of yourself. The workouts are always easily scalable, so you can always do them on your level.

This means that the fittest and the fattest in the box, can do a workout side by side, and be equally challenged. They might not lift the same weights, they might not run the same distance, but both of them give their all and do their very best.


For the past 1,5 years, I’ve been member of a certain chain of crossfit boxes in Copenhagen This chain wants to be the biggest chain. I’ve been told many times they want to be the best at being biggest. Not necessarily the best box or the best at being best. But they want to be best at being big, whatever the cost may be.


And OH, how that has bugged me. One thing is the material stuff. That sometimes the water was cold, the floor dirty and the equipment way too worn down to use properly. All because they need to keep expenses down. That’s ‘just’ the material stuff, we can work around that. It can be super tedious. But it’s something I can work aound.


The other, and much larger problem, lies in the mentality. I train, to be the best version of me! To be the best, that I can be. To be fit, lose weight, and get healthy. But the box wants to be biggest. So the whole thing is shrouded in a mentality of ‘that’ll-do’.

Many of the coaches (many, but definitely not all of them) met me with an attitude of ‘that’ll-do’. Not an attitude of ‘How can you be better?’, but just that’s good enough. Let me again point out: some coaches, not all of them. A few of them are amazing, passionate people, that love what they do, and the people they coach.


But when the mentality is ‘Hey, that’ll do…’, that affects and disturbs my training. If the coach and the organization rather wants quantity, then why should I deliver quality. Why should I be the best, when I’m met with an attitude of quantity over quality?


So, I switched gyms. I found a box that focuses on quality. Both the material: equipment, warm water in the showers, clean floors etc. But also the mental: quality coaches, a receptionist that meets you with a smile and knows who you are.


If you want to be the best you can be, then place yourself between likeminded. Because optimism, quality, and caring affects everything and everyone around you. When you deliver your best, you also motivate others to do likewise. That goes for your business, as well as your private life.


And one last thing; do not, never ever, beat yourself because you aren’t the greatest in the world at what you do! Bring your A-game, deliver your very best, and do what makes you happy. And you shall go on to do great things.


And you know what? You might even make the world, just a little bit better, in your effort to be the best you can be.


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