Fresh strawberries in february

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I want to say something about seasons. Because season are very important to how we live our lifes. And yet, us, modern humans, have completely forgotten one of the most important lessons, that the seasons teaches us; That sometimes we must WAIT. And more radically, often we must WAIT for something to DIE, before the new can arise.


And I think I know where it all went wrong. It happened with fresh strawberries… I know this doesn’t make any sense, but let me explain. Today, we are so amazingly blessed, that we can go into a supermarket, at 2 a.m. in February, and buy fresh strawberries, that were only picked a day earlier on the other side of the planet. We literally do not have to wait for anything. When we order new shoes online, we are willing to pay extra for 1-day-rush delivery, so that we have the shoes the very next day.

We hate waiting! Waiting in line, waiting for our package, waiting for fresh strawberries. We want to have everything available all the time. But that’s not how the seasons work…


Now if you didn’t already know this; there are 4 seasons. (I know! Amazing, right?) First of them are winter, where the earth may seem barren and lifeless, but this is where all the creations prepare for the new year. Nutrients assemble around the seeds in the earth and the seeds get ready for the first sign of spring. In spring, the first rays of sunlight start an explosion of momentum. The seedlings shoot up of the ground and the massive trees opens up their leaves. All leading to summer, where all the plants work to create the best new seeds, that can keep the species alive.

And then what happens: Fall! Death… After all this life, all this momentum, the life stops and fades away. But as it fades and dies, the plants let go of their carefully created seeds. In their death, they give life to a new year.

So in a year, we see the earth explode and become a cathedral of life, and then slowly decay and fade away. But all this happens just so, we can survive another year. The death of one year leads to the life of the next!


Now you might be thinking: “This rings a bell! Oh, where might I have heard this before?” Probably in church! This is also the grand narrative of the New Testament… (the story of Jesus)


But do not be alarmed, this is not the sermon edition. Because this thing with seasons goes much deeper, than ‘just’ that. This is also the grand narrative of all our lives. Ever so often, something must die for something new and better can arise. We must let go of being a child to become a teenager, and we must let go of being a teenager to be an adult. And our ‘one’ must die, to find together with another and become a ‘two’. And the ‘two’ must die, to give place for new life, and become a ‘three’.


Every time something must die! I can’t keep being the center of my life, if I want to have a good marriage. And we can’t keep being spontaneous or go to as many concerts late at night, if we want to create a tiny human. We must ever so often die (metaphorically speaking, of course), for something better and more beautiful to arise.


And you know what? A couple of hundred years before our time, a king from Jerusalem wrote about this (One called Solomon). He wrote:

“There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.”


May we see when our time is. May we see what must die, for new life to arise. And may we learn to wait…


That’s my hope!




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Being a Being of Beings…

So how do we kick off this blog? That’s Easy; lets explain ‘God’! Or at least put some words on him.

At the moment, I am doing my bachelor thesis. And I thought it would be interesting to write something about, what images people hold about God. Well, as it turns out, that’s a quite big subject…

This, somewhat foolish, idea came to me through a podcast I heard. It was Rob Bell and Peter Rollins talking about some of the general images of God (RobCast ep. 111). If you don’t know the RobCast, check it out!

This talk made me start reflecting on how I view God. And, as ever, I’ve used many, MANY hours, thinking of this, reading, asked clever people questions and of course I still don’t have clue. Surely I can identify myself with some of the points, but I feel like I fall down between some of these, very generalized, categories. And I cannot seem to figure out, where I land…

(This is the point where I wanted to explain the notions of God that Pete and Peaches discussed in the RobCast. But after two pages of heavy, philosophical writing, I thought: This is too long and too heavy for just one blog post. So I’m gonna do the short version now, and then maybe come back to it another day. But go listen to the podcast, if you wanna know more.)

Basically they talked of 3 (well 4, but I’ll only include the three here) notions of God. God as…

  • … a super being. Simply a bigger, better version of oneself or, to say, a projection of our own opinions on to a ‘God’. This usually wounds up in such a lucky manner, that this super-being shares ones opinions on politics, war, ethics, and what colour to paint the living room.
  • … a hyper being. The being that cannot be conceptualized. It will always be bigger and better than anything, we can think of. Our language, our words, can in no way be used to describe, something that is so much larger and greater than our words. Or as Meister Eckhart puts it: “The unnamable is omninable”.
  • … the ground of our being. God is that from which everything arises. When we talk about God, we talk symbolically. It is in the act of giving ourselves to the world that we encounter God. You cannot love God (he would have to be an object for that), but you discover God in the love.

This is still roaming around in me. Or I am roaming in it… This is not a complete pick-and-choose-your-image-of-god kinda list. This is just three main categories of images of God.


So… What do you think?



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Testament of a Roamer

So why another blog? Well, I like speaking. Especially, when no one interrupts me. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to do so. First of all, I’ve never really gotten this whole blog thing. Who reads ‘em anyways. You, I guess? But I haven’t been a part of this community, until now. Secondly, there are so many ways of communicating today. I could do a podcast, live stream, facebook, Instagram, newsletter or whatever. So why do a blog? I don’t quite know yet. Let’s see if this works!?

I do roam. Well, I don’t wander restlessly around. What it means is, whenever I think I’ve got it all figured out, I usually stumble over a new way to go about it. And with it, a whole new bunch of questions or ideas. And then we’re back to square one… With nothing figured out… I’m never really able to settle down and be happy with what I know. Some annoying part of my inner, just wants to break down all of my nicely stacked mental furniture, so I can start arranging them again.

But I don’t ramble. I do study Christianity. And I want to work with Christianity. But settling in a church, has been hard. I’m happy where I am now. I feel at home, but it’ll never be an ultimate shelter. Nowhere will. I suppose. I’ve been in a lot of different communities and many different denominations. All of them, has been fantastic, great communities. But none of them, yet, has been able to handle, when I’ve started rearranging my mental furniture. When my inner starts roaming.

Churches do have a tendency, not to like questions they can’t answer. Funny, isn’t it?

What will I be writing about? I simply don’t know yet. I have my struggles right now. Political, ethical, theological, spiritual, educational, personal struggles. Whenever I get through those, there will probably arise a handful of new struggles. That’s the beautiful part. No way of knowing, where we’ll end or how we’ll get there. It’ll simply be the Testament of a Roamer.



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